With our Racing Rivals Hack you can get unlimited cash and gems for free. This hack tool is updated and working. Online no need to download.



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Here you will learn how to get unlimited gems, unlimited cash and boosts for free!

Our Racing Rivals Hack is unique, because you do not need anything to download or install, because this hack works online. Why online? Because the game runs in three platforms. Facebook and Mobile(iOS and Android). So we have 2 different hacks, one for facebook platform , one for mobile platform.

What can you get if you use our hack?

Simple, all game resources! You can get unlimited gems,cash and boosts.

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How to use the online hack?

Just select your platform below. If you select Facebook, you need to complete few steps then enter just your profile url ( ex. ). Click Check User button and wait until we find your profile. When you see your profile picture, click Hack button. And wait the hack tool to do his job.

If you select Mobile, choose you need to enter your username or email. Then click Login button. Wait until you get logged in. After that, write the number of cash and gems. Then just click Hack button.

It is safe?

Yes Racing Rivals Hack is safe. You do not need to enter any password, because we don’t need it. We need just your profile url for Facebook or Email/Username for Mobile platform.

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